Research Interest
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My current study focuses on fate and ecotoxicity of pollutants in urban water environment. The study has been conducted in relation to urban water use, wastewater treatment and rainwater management, with the aid of chemical analysis, biological assays and numerical modelling.

Especially, I am interested in sediment and benthic organisms. One of the ongoing studies is the assessment of road/roof runoff toxicity using freshwater algae and ostracod and estuarine amphipod and polycaete. Heavy metal trophic transfer under the interraction with the dissolved organic matter is another recent interest, which would provide fundamental knowledge in derivation of the environmental criteria for aquatic life conservation.

Recent Research Project

  • Developing Risk Assessment Methods for Chemicals in Sediment That
    Consider Exposure Routes and Bioavailability to Benthic Organisms
  • Source-dependent degradation kinetic analysis of environmental DNA for benthic environment evaluation
  • Establishment of a monitoring system for pest, rodent and wildlife in urban environment using stormwater drainage infrastructure
  • Effect of DOM on ecotoxicity of coexiting pollutants in urban water environment
  • Effect analysis of urban wastewater and runoff water on the urban coastal carbon cycle
  • Ecotoxicity assessment of particle-bound pollutants in urban road and highway runoff

Past Projects

  • Characterication of DOM in drinking water resource
  • Biopolymer production from wasterwater by photosynthetic bacteria
  • Control of protozoa and metazoa for reducing excess sludge in MBR
  • Modelling and microbial community analysis in EBPR-SBR