Environmental Risk Management and Quality Control Technology Lab

meeting Lab seminar

Research activity

The primary base of students is the building where Department of Urban Engineering locates in. We can use the experimental laboratories and facilities there, sharing with those who belong to other laboratories. Some of us are doing research activities outside the university campus, for example, on-site experiment at wastewater treatment plant or field works in foreign countries.

Individual meeting

Each student has an individual meeting (1-2 hours, 1-2 times/month) with primary advisor and other faculties (typically 1 student + 2 faculties). We can discuss deeply on face-to-face base about progress and future plan of his/her research.

Lab seminar

We have a lab seminar once a week. All members join the seminar and discuss about our research progress or impressive reports from other researchers. Each student make a 90-minute presentation, according to his/her interest, in English once a semester.

Joint meeting (Kenkyu-kai)

We have a joint research meeting with the other laboratories in Urban Environment Course once a week. We can get knowledge about wide-range topics of researches through presentations from other laboratories.

Oversea communication

Over 130 students/researchers have enrolled at our lab, more than 50 of them being foreign students/researchers. Alumni are playing active roles in various fields, in universities/institutes worldwide.
Recently exchange program with foreign universities is active; total 7 students/researchers visited from/to our lab during FY2013-2014. It is quite common to make presentations in international conferences.

Communication within laboratory

We have lab parties every time when we have changes in member (welcome, farewell, etc; this is same in the whole Urban Environmental Engineering course). We talk about various topics with people from various countries.
In addition, once in 1-2 years, we organize alumni party. With their families and those coming from far places (even from foreign countries), the party is filled with relaxed and warm atmosphere.