Environmental Risk Management and Quality Control Technology Lab

Faculty and Staff

Fumiyuki NakajimaProfessor
(Environmental Science Center)
Ecotoxicology, Urban stormwater management, Water chemistry
Tomohiro TobinoAssociate Professor
(Dept. of Urban Engineering)
Environmental microbiotechnology, Biological wastewater treatment
Kano TakamoriSecretary
(Environmental Science Center)
At office on Mon., Wed. and Fri.
Nao MatsuyamaTechnical staff (Environmental Science Center)At office on Mon., Wed. and Fri.
Tomoko InoueTechnical staff
(Dept. of Urban Engineering)
At office on Mon., Thu. and Fri.


Researcher and Student

Soyoung LeeProject researcher (Environmental Science Center)Microplastic and its associated hazardous chemicals from urban non-point sources
Patthranit KunlasubpreedeeProject researcherAdvanced control of membrane bioreactors
Koichiro KibaD3* (Sept.)Exploring quorum sensing-related genes in water and wastewater treatment processes
Mark Edward JolejoleD3 (Apr.)Urban health assessment using genetic, microbial, and chemical traces for the detection of pests and nuisance animals from sewage and runoff waters
Kanako YamamotoD3 (Apr.)Performance and mechanism of microplastic removal in the urban flood control facilities
Suguru HakoshimaD2 (Apr.)Method development of comprehensive detection of microorganisms in activated sludge from microscopic images and morphological classification by deep learning
Tran Phuc Hanh DuyenExchange student (D1)
Kahori NishidaM1 (Apr.)Identification of ecotoxicity-causing particles in road dusts by physical fractionation