Environmental Risk Management and Quality Control Technology Lab

Faculty and Staff

Fumiyuki NakajimaProfessor
(Environmental Science Center)
Ecotoxicology, Urban stormwater management, Water chemistry
Tomohiro TobinoAssistant Professor
(Dept. of Urban Engineering)
Environmental microbiotechnology, Biological wastewater treatment
Kano TakamoriSecretary
(Environmental Science Center)
At office on Mon., Wed. and Fri.
Nao MatsuyamaTechnical staff (Environmental Science Center)At office on Mon., Wed. and Fri.
Tomoko InoueTechnical staff
(Dept. of Urban Engineering)
At office on Mon., Wed. and Fri.


Researcher and Student

Soyoung LeeProject researcher (Environmental Science Center)Microplastic and its associated hazardous chemicals from urban non-point source
Koichiro KibaD3* (Sept.)Exploring quorum sensing-related genes in water and wastewater treatment processes
Patthranit KunlasubpreedeeD3* (Sept.)Controlling microbes in wastewater treatment processes by electrochemical approach
Mark Edward JolejoleD1 (Apr.)
Kanako YamamotoD1 (Apr.)Performance and mechanism of microplastic removal in the urban flood control facilities
Dan Goodwin S. BorjaM2 (Sept.)Prioritization of pollutants in the water environment of the Philippines
Haruna OdaM2 (Apr.)Ecological impact of aging microplastics and their associated chemicals
Suguru HakoshimaM2 (Apr.)Getting more out of activated sludge images using machine learning
Jinmin YaoM2 (Sept.)Identification of toxic substances in urban road dust
Mai UchidaM1 (Apr.)eDNA-based monitoring of urban ecosystem
Yuji ChoM1 (Apr.)Electric field's effects on microbes
Naoki FuruyaM1 (Apr.)
Hiroto NakamuraB4Detection of signaling compounds used for microbial cell-cell communication in activated sludge
Riku FujimotoB4Relationship between morphology of activated sludge flocs and microbial composition