Environmental Risk Management and Quality Control Technology Lab

[To our alumni] We welcome your visit and participation to our events! Please ask any current members for more details.

4/6 First lab-meeting in summer semester
4/17 Guidance for undergrad
4/18 Party with undergrads (Env Eng course)
5/9 Pre defense for Mr Wei
5/11 Welcome party (Env Eng course)
6/4 Final lecture of Prof Yamamoto
6/11 Lab-Welcome party
7/5 Lab-Farewell party for Prof Yamamoto
7/20 Final defense for Mr Wei
7/25-26 Jury
8/23 Special Seminar of Prof Renhui Li
9/8-9 Student camp (Env Eng course)
9/10 Lab-Farewell party
9/14 Graduation Ceremony
9/14 Farewell party (Env Eng course)

10/5 First lab-meeting in winter semester
10/15 Lab-Welcome party
10/– Welcome party (Env Eng course)
11/1 Pre defense for Ms Yanagihara
11/– Lab-party for Prof Nakajima’s promotion
12/– Year-end party (Env Eng course)
12/22 Yamamotolab alumni party
1/– Lab-Farewell party
1/28-29 Master Thesis defense
2/– Final defense for Ms Yanagihara
2/4-5 Jury
2/12-13 Graduation Thesis defense
3/– Lab-Farewell party
3/25 Graduation Ceremony (graduate students)
3/– Farewell party (Env Eng course)
3/26 Graduation Ceremony (undergraduate students)

Prof. Kazuo Yamamoto Retirement Events