Environmental Risk Management and Quality Control Technology Lab

Faculty and Staff

Fumiyuki NakajimaProfessor
(Environmental Science Center)
Ecotoxicology, Urban stormwater management, Water chemistry
Tomohiro TobinoAssistant Professor
(Dept. of Urban Engineering)
Environmental microbiotechnology, Biological wastewater treatment
Kano TakamoriSecretary
(Environmental Science Center)
At office on Mon., Wed. and Fri.
Nao MatsuyamaTechnical staff (Environmental Science Center)At office on Mon., Wed. and Fri.


Researcher and Student

Yilu GuD3 (Apr.)Establishment of a dietborne toxicity test method for the sediment quality guideline derivation of hydrophobic organic chemicals (HOCs)
Soyoung LeeD1 (Sept.)Application of estuarine benthic crustaceans to fate of toxicity change by retention condition in urban road dust
Maureen Narceda TamayoM2 (Sept.)Detection of Contaminants of Emerging Concerns for Japanese Water Environment Protection in the Urban Runoff by Orbitrap Mass Spectrometry
Yoshihiko InazumiM2 (Apr.)
Nana YamaguchiM2 (Apr.)
Seiryo KatoM1 (Apr.)
Ryosuke NishigakiM1 (Apr.)
Ayane ItakuraB4
So KurokiB4